March 2015

paddle maker

Paddle Making Workshop:
March 1st March 8th (9:00 am-6:00pm)
Price - $135
Deposit - $50
Come out and make your own one of a kind paddle! Choose you're on blade style, and paddle length to suit your paddling style.  No experience necessary! This workshop is run by Bruce Smith, and is just outside of Guelph.
* Bruce pre-carves the paddle blanks according to each person's information, taking off the "bulk" that so that the paddles can be carved in a 1 day workshop rather than 2. This leaves the finer, more precise and interesting carving, shaping and sanding for participants, teaching them the specific aspects of paddle carving.

* The paddles are completely carved and usually also completely sanded within the time frame of the workshop. However, the finishing process of applying oil or an oil/varnish mix takes anywhere from 7-14 days afterwards, as the oil must soak in, coat by coat and excess wiped off. There's just no shortcut to this process! We give instructions for the finishing and Bruce is available for help along the way if needed.

If you have any questions email Nate at:

FREE Arboretum Snowshoeing
Sat Mar 7 @ 10am to 2pm

Need some fresh air and a break from midterms? Come explore the beautiful forest trails of the Arboretum.
Meeting here at the Outdoors Club Office (UC 223) then walking over to Arboretum. 10 pairs of snowshoes available for rental ($50 deposit required, returned in full with snowshoe return)

Space is limited – sign up in the Outdoors Club Office!

Cross Country Skiing Day Trip!
Come out with a couple of the execs and go cross country skiing for the day at Shade’s Mills Conservation Area.

Date: March 1st

Cost: $22 ($10 if you’re not renting)
Deposit: $15

If you love cross country skiing, or would love to learn, come on out on Sunday March 2nd (8am-2pm) for a fun filled day at Shade’s Mills Conservation Area in Cambridge. We can do a brief lesson to learn how to ski if you don’t already know and then you can spend the day navigating the trails of the area with your friends. The cost of the trip will be $22 — $13 to rent the equipment, $5.50 for the park fee and $3.50 for gas. The deposit will be $15. Due to limitations in rental equipment, there will be a limit of 15 people so come sign up*! We will hold 3 spots for people with vehicles.

Contact Jenna ( or Charlotte ( for more information.

*trip subject to cancellation if not SRM approved


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