Club Executive

Jacob van Wassenaer
Jacob van Wassenaer – Co-President

Jacob prefers to carry his boat because paddling is too easy.  You can contact him at

Stephanie Masina
Stephanie Masina – Co-President

If you want to learn how to do snowga say namaste to steph at

Alex Fekri – Treasurer

If you want to find the best views in town contact Alex at


Tatum del Bosco

Tatum likes to get real high (14500 feet to be precise!) If you want to get high with Tatum, contact her at

Liam Barkley

Contact Liam if you’re missing your baby boat at

Tess Sprawson

If you want to be as happy as Tess contact her at

Julia Trombley
Julia Trombley

Julia’s so Xtreme she ice climbs in July. If you’re Xtreme too contact her at

Emily Angermann

Wonder where all your leaves went? She can’t leaf them alone! contact her at or

Samantha Hunt-Weeks

Contact Sam for some top notch J-stroke tips at

Nic Love
Nic Love

If you love to ski as much as Nic Love loves to ski, then you will love him too, Love. Contact him at

Sofia Becerra
Sofia Becerra

Sofia enjoys long walks on the beach, drinking pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.  If you would like to join her, please contact her at

Allegra Pearce
Allegra Pearce

If you want to get tipsy with allegra contact her at

Cole Merrill

Contact Cole for some snappy times at

Jean Guy

I literally live in the outdoors club office. Come hang out in UC 223.